Ally Network is a big decentralized ecosystem that merges different iGaming Platform one decentralized network by going through our review and community ranking.

Lots of available options to choose from while using the platfofrm ranging from casino games, roulette , dice, chess , solataire, blackjack , horse raising to virtual football using our utility token called Ally Network Token (ALLY). Stakers on our platform will be able to convert their bitcoin or altcoins into ALLY on exchanges then deposit into our platform to carry out a wager in a free and fair environment.

Our Business Model

Ally has a promising business model that gives the community confidence of a lifetime platform as Ally team does not interfere with the system or wagers being placed by our customers, We also integrates traditional chess and card games with recreational activities into the world of cryptocurrency.

This also brings together particularly to participants these events and the two communities of encrypted investors. More users will recognize and support ALLY.

Lower Costs

Whether playing in fiat or cryptocurrency, fees for small transactions can approach an appreciable size of the transaction itself, the Ally Network platform plans to roll out CryptoGo, its proprietary implementation of state channel (payment channel)​1​ technology to eliminate the need for wallets or deposits by facilitating instALLY wagers and payouts, using off-chain transactions. Normal gas fees for Ethereum blockchain transactions can therefore be greatly reduced.


All Ally Network games are third-party tested. In addition, the Ally Network platform will be enabled for provably fair operation. Blackjack, roulette, and card game players will be able to independently challenge ALLY wagered outcomes with a provably fair tool and review the game resolution source. For slot games, where the IP and mathematics of the game are proprietary, Ally Network is considering alternative methods to engender anonymous trust.

iGaming Environment

With a variety of game platform templates and functions, users can easily create their own game platforms based on AllyNetwork.io without programming and deployment. Based on block chain technology, community information, user information and ecological economic rules are written into the block chain to promote the spread of ecological value.

Ally Network Token Allocation

You can find below how 12 Billion Ally Network Tokens will be distributed

Token Sale Ends In
Buy Token Now
1050 ETH

Total 70%

Team (Locked For 2 years)
960M Tokens

Total 8%

480M Tokens

For Team Advisors 4%

1.8B Tokens

For development 15%

Live Feed
  • Highest visit
360M Tokens

For Airdrop 3%

Token Distribution
  • Airdrop
  • Reserved
  • Team
  • Advisers
  • Fundraising
  • Tokens distributed at fundraising for project deployment, exchange listing, partnership legislation and marketing
  • Reserved for project development for internal exchange trades and wagers bonuses
  • Team token to be locked for 2 years minimum
  • Adviser token to be locked for 1 year minimum
  • Airdrop tokens for community task and to be bought back after fundraising

Road Map

January - February 2019

Research on the gambling industry / commodity trend Blockchain / Cryptocurrency research Whitepaper version 1.0 released

March - April 2019
Ally Network Token

Smart contract development Website Launch Marketing / Promotion Selfdrop Event Airdrop and Bounty Contest

April - June 2019
Exchange Listing

Listing on major exchanges Targeted exchange ( Idex, Mercatox, Idax, Hotbit, Coinexchange) Listing on Coinmarketcap

June - July 2019
Ally Network Plaform 1

Review Ecosystem Launch Introducing our features and guidelines on how to use the Review platform Announce First Ally Backed Crypto Project Announcing Community Participation in the Project First ALLY token burn

Q3 2019
Ally Network Plaform 1

Gambling Ecosystem Announcement Obtaining First Operating License and Showcase to our community Introducing our features and guidelines on how to use the platform Launch Casino Features Launch Sport Betting Features Accepts First ALLY deposit and wager via currency conversion

Q4 2019
Ally Network Plaform 3

Mobile App Development (IOS & Android) - Survey on users opinion about our platform - First user reward (Rewarding top 100 active stakers on the Network) -Fairplay implementation (Probably Fair Interface) into our platform - Whitepaper Version 2 Released

Q1 2020

Partnership with popular sporting events Partnership with sport TV channels Launch Ally Network VIP program

Q2 2020

-listing on more exchange -listing on major wallets supporting Erc20 -Launch Ally Network Internal Conversion exchange -Launch Sport betting

Our Professional Team

Roby Manuel

CEO & Founder of AllyNetwork

Mike Moore

CTO/Head of Web Development

Davis Albert

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jonathan Weaver

Market Analyst

Our Ecosystem

Have a taste of our ecosystem

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coming soon...

Whitepaper documentation

Blockchain technology will revolutionize the problems and challenges discussed above. Ally Network will create a new ecosystem of “light sports and pan-entertainment”. On the one hand, Ally Network will use advanced blockchain technology and initially use mature Ethereum networks to develop its own backbone in the future. Using decentralized smart contracts to solve the long-standing hidden dangers of the online chess and card games industry.

Download our complete Whitepaper below


Our Announcements

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